Passage to Suvarov

Sunday, September 7, 2003, 10:30 a.m.

On passage from Maupiti to Suvarov

LATITUDE: 13-46.07S

LONGITUDE: 161-07.77W 

Dear friends and family:

We're currently on passage from Maupiti (French Polynesia) to Suvarov (Cook Islands).  (See map below).  It's beastly hot and humid.  We stopped the boat for awhile yesterday afternoon and went swimming.  It's a little bit scary, because you can't actually "stop" the boat.  So we trail a line, with a float, behind the boat, and whatever you do, don't go beyond the float!  You grab the line, and the boat pulls you along.  One person stays on the boat to be able to "rescue" anyone who goes beyond the float.  The water is the clearest and most blue I have ever swum in.

We have a shower nozzle by the helmsman's seat -- at all times of day, if I'm sitting out there, I'll turn the shower on my head, just to stay a little cooler!

Ocean sunset - photo by J. Kosyna


We had another encounter with a marlin, yesterday, just after we were all cleaned up from swimming.  This marlin danced around on top of the waves for about 15 minutes, and then went deep.  Jens and Craig took turns trying to reel him in.  After about 20 minutes, the fish evidently spit the hook out, and we didn't see him again.  We're guessing the marlin was about 70 kilos.  We never would have landed the fish, and what on earth would we have done with the meat?

We're looking forward to Suvarov very much.  Previous cruisers have told us that it was their favorite spot in the South Pacific -- the 3 rangers who live there are very friendly, and put on a BBQ 3 times a week, with coconut crabs, lobster, and pot luck from other boaters.  Clear waters, lots of fish and birds, and according to the cruising guide, "a profusion of aggressive sharks within the reef"(!)

We'll let you know -- we should arrive tomorrow!

Craig & Barbara Johnston

S/V Sequoia

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