Noni fruit

We saw noni fruit growing all across the South Pacific.

Right:  In May, 2003, on Hiva Oa, in the Marquesas

Fermenting noni in a plastic barrel Left:  Harvested, a few weeks ago, fermented, stinky, and ready for transport to a processing plant by way of the Maupiti Express.

Maupiti, August, 2003

Right:  For sale at Costco and on various websites.... (You can't buy it here, don't bother to click on the credit card logos!)

There seem to be several high-powered marketing schemes associated with selling noni juice.  See an example here. Or try this webpage which explains the supposed benefits of noni juice (both to the health of the drinker, and the wallet of the seller...)

For whatever it's worth, we did talk to one Marquesan who said he drinks the stuff, because it's said to be good for you, even though it tastes terrible.

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